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Toms River Filmmaker Frank Zarrillo Hitting The Movie Scene

Gino D

Nov 17, 2018

Toms River native and filmmaker, Frank Zarrillo is the face of Big F Pictures and he’s hitting the movie scene in big way. Zarrillo followed his passion and started making films at the young age of 13 years old, and he hasn’t stopped since.

His first feature documentary film, The Wrestler: Q.T. Marshall Story was honored at the San Diego Comic-Con International Film Festival winning the award for Best Documentary 2017. Being a fan of wrestling, Zarrillo was inspired to document the life of a 30-year-old wrestler, who is facing the reality of his last shot at the WWE. Zarrillo immediately gained Marshall’s trust, who allowed the filmmaker to document every aspect of his life…nothing was off limits. In our interview, Zarrillo describes Marshall as. “a good human being, down to earth, who is always willing to help others…”  He also stated his favorite scene in the documentary is the “dinner table scene.” After a laborious 2-year shoot and an ending that was reshot 3 times, we get to check out this documentary in a few months, as Zarrillo landed a distribution deal with Nandar Entertainment.

Continuing the journey of inspirational films, Zarrillo’s current project is a documentary about his 33-year-old brother, Nick, who was recently diagnosed with M.S. Nick’s diagnosis has fueled his mission to pursue a career as a professional boxer and we are invited to witness this pivotal moment in his life…once again, nothing is off limits. Filming has already started at the World Famous 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach and UFC fighters Frankie Edgar, Corey Anderson, and Marlon Moraes lend their support and appear in the film.

Another project in the works started with a fascination after reading the Gotti’s Rules book. Zarrillo developed the script, “The Howard Beach Crew,” which is inspired by the book and is in development, currently looking for financing. Who doesn’t like a good hitman movie?!

Follow Zarrillo on social, click here to like the Big F Pictures Facebook page. Check back to my blog and I will give you the Zarrillo update.

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