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Film about Jersey’s Gaspari in the Works

Gino D

Feb 18, 2019

Remember when I told you to keep an eye on this guy…I wasn’t kidding!  Let me refresh your memory…Frank Zarrillo is the Toms River filmmaker, who is front and center with Big F Pictures.  His documentary, The Wrestler: Q.T. Marshall Story received honors and created a lot of buzz at the film festival circuit.  His second documentary profiles his 33 year old brother, who was diagnosed with M.S. and pursuing a career as a professional boxer.  As his brother trains at the world famous 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach, he receives encouragement by his UFC family, Frankie Edgar, Corey Anderson and Marlon Moraes, who appear in the inspirational picture.  Now that you’re caught up, it’s time for a Zarrillo update…if you’re somewhat invested in the fitness industry, you must know the name Gaspari.  Rich Gaspari, pioneer of Gaspari Nutrition and Jersey native (Edison) is a retired professional bodybuilder, who provides the fitness world with quality sports supplements.  In 1989, he earned the title of the first ever Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion and has countless fitness magazine covers to his credit.  His honors in the bodybuilding industry are beyond impressive and he is now helping others in the fitness world with his knowledge of sports science.  He is also the target of Zarrillo’s next project, who caught a glimpse of Gaspari in a bodybuilding documentary and reached out to him about spotlighting his career in his latest movie concept.  That conversation ultimately led to the project’s working title, Gaspari: Building a Brand.  Sounds like a winner to me.  The added bonus here is the fact we have a generational bridge being built between two Jersey boys.  I hope to learn more about The Dragon Slayer and I will definitely keep you posted on any developments…stay tuned…

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