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“At 13 I Started Picking Up Weights”: World’s Second-Richest Bodybuilder Blows Up the Internet With His Fascinating Story

Tanushree Bhowmick

Oct 14, 2023

The top of the mountain looks mesmerizing, but getting to the top is not easy. Rich Gaspari knows how it feels to struggle but also how it feels to finally see the amazing view from the top. Born on May 16, 1963, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Gaspari‘s introduction to bodybuilding was during his teenage years. Veteran bodybuilders served as inspiration and drew him to the art of weightlifting. Little did anyone know that he would become a trailblazer in the bodybuilding world. The Arnold Classic bodybuilding champion who innovated the world of sports with his supplement brand, Gaspari Nutrition, is back with a bang. Generation Iron is set to release a documentary about the legendary bodybuilder and his life.

The film is titled Gaspari. It will stream from November 3, 2023. The movie will follow the IFBB pro’s life under the direction of Frank Zarrillo (The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story). The trailer was recently launched on YouTube, showing a glimpse of the roller coaster ride of the bodybuilding champion’s success.

Rich Gaspari set to tell his story

This documentary is going to retell the story of Rich Gaspari from his early years as an outsider from the East Coast who took over the bodybuilding world by becoming the first-ever champion of the Arnold Classic. The film will give insights into the entrepreneurial genius who revolutionized the fitness industry by being one of the first athletes to create his own nutrition business.

Gaspari’s rise to bodybuilding was magnificent. The trailer for the documentary shows a snippet of this rise while Gaspari’s voice-over narrates his life story at the back. His perseverance and determination won him the Pro Card in 1983. The trailer starts with his early years and inspirations for bodybuilding. His booming voice narrated his inspiration for bodybuilding. In the video, he says, “I was intrigued by bodybuilding when I was 11 years old. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, I did not think people could have muscle like that.”

The world’s second-richest bodybuilder narrated how he started bodybuilding at a young age and said, “At about 13, I started picking up weights.” This passion for the sport led to a lot of achievements, such as being an Arnold Classic champion, holding onto second place in Mr. Olympia consecutively, and launching his nutrition brands. He is also a mentor and coach whose unwavering commitment to guiding others to reach their fitness goals has left a permanent mark in the fitness industry. Gaspari still maintains his physique and prowess, even at 60.

The legacy of the IFBB Pro is a testament to his determination to turn his passion into a career. His journey from a young bodybuilder with dreams to becoming an iconic bodybuilding champion who others admire has inspired generations to push their boundaries. You can watch the documentary on the Generation Iron streaming platform starting from November 3, 2023. Are you excited?

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